Understage machinery


  • main stage platforms
  • orchestra elevator platforms and auditorium elevator platforms with a number of      different drive variants (scissor-lift elevators, Serapid elevators, spindle      elevators, rack-and-pinion elevators, or spiral lifts)
  • actors’ traps and trap doors
  • revolving stages and cylindrical revolving stages with traps
  • stage wagon systems and backdrop storage systems


The understage area is situated below stage level and, on the main stage, incorporates the elements of the main stage elevators, transport elevators, actors’ traps and trap doors, as well as the stage-level elements of the complex stage wagons. State-of-the-art stage equipment is also linked to stage platforms, turntables and cylindrical revolving stages to allow transformations of any kind. The forestage area contains the orchestra platform elevators, which, in addition to serving as orchestra pit, also serve as transporting elevator for the auditorium tables and seats.

Orchestra platform design is usually subject to architectural requirements and lavish parapet designs as well as special shape requirements.


Control cabinetUnderstage

Orchestra lifts SSH Stuttgart
Rack and pinion drives OP ULM



Stage technics

Orchestra stage Gifhorn
Spiral Stage Schloßtheater Wien

Untermaschinerie Theaterbühne

Winshroom stage
Stuttgart 110 KW
Winshspeed 0.6m/s Payload 15t