Safety equipment


  • Fire protection curtains
  • Fire protection doors (mechanical / electric / hydraulic)
  • Smoke extraction facilities (mechanical / electric / hydraulic)

The technical safety equipment includes all elements assigned to the technical stage equipment, such as smoke extraction outlets which come in different designs (smoke hoods, smoke shutters, smoke flaps), equipped with all typical actuators designed to preserve function.

The safety equipment also includes the “iron curtain“ and appropriate fire protection doors to separate the stage tower into different fire zones. Design for function maintenance ensures functionality even in total blackout situations and also in cases of fire.

Iron Curtain
Stadthalle Bad Blankenburg Iron Curtain (telescope)


Safety equipment

Technical details

The drives of the safety equipment, in compliance with the relevant standards, are designed as electro-mechani­cal hoists with attached hydraulics for reduced emergency travel speed.

Gentle and jerk-free travel towards the end positions is ensured by force-controlled devices inside the winch. The brakes are designed, according to customers’ wishes, for 24V DC working-circuit or closed-circuit, including the double brakes authorized for that design.

“Standard” hoist design also permits integration of the drives into the main control.

In all safety equipment delivered by W&P Anlagenbau, all cables are monitored for broken ca­bles to ensure 100% functionality in case of an emergency.