Overstage machinery


  • fly bar hoists, controlled & non-controlled
  • manual counterweight hoists
  • chain hoists
  • point hoists
  • lighting hoists
  • portal bridges, static & movable
  • portal towers, static & movable
  • curtain hoisting systems
  • galleries, grid floor structures and steel structures


The overstage machinery incorporates that part of the technical stage equipment which extends from stage floor level up all the way to under the roof. This area is separated into the proscenium area, the grid floor and second grid floor, and the gallery area.
The proscenium area encompasses the (mostly) movable portal bridge with the laterally mov­able, annexed portal towers. The grid floor and second grid floor constitute the uppermost levels of the technical stage equipment, and, in addition to the guiding pulleys of the hoisting equipment installed on that level, usually also houses the majority of the electro-mechanical hoists.

A general distinction is made between the following hoist types and variants: fly bar hoists, panorama hoists, lighting hoists, point hoists, and chain hoists. From the grid level down each level of the stage tower contains an all-around lighting gal­lery. Lately, the lowest gallery is usually equipped with additional pole suspensions for lighting bodies with low payloads.



Winches Leverkusen
Electric control cabinet Gifhorn
Point hoists Linz with decentral steering