Welcome to our website! W&P has been active in the technical stage equipment sector for over 10 years. Our scope of professional activities is extensive, ranging from overstage machinery, understage machinery, security installations and technical accessories for events supplement all the way to after sales & customer service. Our clientele is comprised mainly of community institutions like theaters, city halls and state theaters.

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That’s what we stand for. Our technical expertise in manufacturing goes back over 30 years. Our references clearly speak for themselves, testifying to our precise and exacting workmanship. Especially in the field of stage and theater engineering, safety and protection against danger are of the highest priority. It is unimaginable what could happen if the overstage machinery, or the understage machinery, let alone the security instal­lations themselves, would fail.

For that reason, we perform rigid quality controls. Clear discussions of each project with our respon­sible technicians ensure an optimized interaction of precision and teamwork. That is our hallmark.


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Stage engineering and technology

Stage buildingOur own production facility, which consists of an area of more than 2,300sqm, is where the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art stage facilities and technologies originates. True to our motto that “Technology, competence and reliability are our most convincing assets“, our team of seasoned experts is busily engaged on a daily basis in finding new solutions to best meet our customers’ needs. All security-relevant elements such as the driving winches are manufactured on our in-house state-of-the-art CNC machines..

Source: Theater Bregenz